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"The Sweetest Memories Are Made At Gruttadauria's Bakery ."


Gourmet  Cookies

Boxed , Trayed, or a Decorative Tin,...We offer over 50 varieties of cookies!
(any variety you choose from our selection)In Store $11.75 /lb.



Serves Price     Serves Price
15 $27.50   65 $96.25
25 $41.25         75 $110.00
35 $55.00   100 $137.25
45 $68.75   125 $178.75
55 $82.50   150 $206.25






ALL rates are subject to change. 

Above rates do not include surchages for special orders.

A 50% Deposit is required for all orders $50.00 or more.


SHIPPING Call to order ~ TOLL FREE 1-888-205-1945 or (585)454-6979

WE SHIP Cookies !!! (Boxed, Tin or Cookie Tray)

Rates include cookies, shipping and handling.

Boxed Cookies:   You can have our gourmet cookies shipped to your doorstep!  

Box Size Shipping Rates start at
1 lb. $33.75
1 1/2lb. $42.75
2 lb. $52.00
3 lb. $66.50
4 lb. $80.75
5 lb. $95.25


Cookie Tins: Variety of tin styles available, not all shown here.

We ship 4 different sizes of tins filled with our delicious cookies.

Shipped order are only available in as an assortment of cookies.

  Shipping rate includes:
    Assortment of cookies, tin, handling & shipping fees (based on 48 contiguous states).

   Orders can usually be shipped as soon as 1 day after order is placed.  Call for details. 

Tin Size Rate Including Shipping Starts at
Mini Tin  $33.00
Small Tin  $42.00
Medium Tin  $51.00
Large Tin  $72.00



COOKIE TRAYS Call our Toll Free number for shipping rates



ALL rates are subject to change. 




Since 1914, we have been baking our cakes from scratch.  That means you'll get a moist, delicious cake with the finest ingredients every time! 

ALL our cakes are 2 LAYERS, with either buttercream or one of our select fillings in between.


White (almond) , Yellow (Vanilla), Chocolate, Rum, and Carrot.

Also  available, half white/half chocolate  -or- half yellow/half chocolate

(only layer to layer not side by side.)



Buttercream, Chocolate Buttercream, Cream Cheese, Custard, Fudge, Lemon Buttercream, Mocha Buttercream, Peanut Butter Buttercream, Raspberry Buttercream, Ricotta, Strawberry Buttercream,  Whipped Cream

Cake pricing starts at these rates and are based on a standard design.  Surcharges apply for extra roses, swags, sprinkles,etc.)

Cake Prices
Size  Serves Standard Specialty  
8" 10-12 $25.00 $27.00  
10" 18-20 $31.00 $33.00  
12" 25-30 $43.00 $46.00 50% deposit required
14" 45-50 $60.00 $63.00  50% deposit required
1/2 Sheet 45-50 $60.00 $63.00 50% deposit required

Full Sheet




(incl.$20 tray* )


( incl.$20 Tray* )

50% of cake deposit required


*additional $20 is for the tray the cake is on if returned in good, clean conditional, $20 is refundable

Gruttadauria's Specialty Cakes

CANNOLI CAKE:  White Cake with a layer of Ricotta and Chocolate Chips.  Iced in Buttercream and crushed Cannoli Shells.

CARROT CAKE:  A super moist cake made with real carrot and raisins, with either cream cheese or buttercream filling!

CHOCOLATE DING DONG CAKE:  Moist, Chocolate Cake with layers of Chocolate Whipped Cream and Vanilla Whipped Cream, then Chocolate Dripping down the outside of the cake.

GANACHE CAKE:  Moist, Chocolate Cake withRaspberry filling, iced in Whipped Cream with Chocolate Ganache dripping down the outside of the cake.

GRUTT-ER-BUTTER PEANUT BUTTER CAKE:   Moist, Chocolate Cake layered with peanut butter buttercream frosting inside and out.

PINA COLADA CAKE:  White Cake with a moist Rum & Pineapple flavoring, with a layer of crushed pineapple buttercream frosting.  Iced with Buttercream and Coconut Flakes!

TURTLE CAKE:  Chocolate Cake with Caramel and Pecan filling.  Iced in Fudge and topped with Buttercream and drizzled Chocolate.

PUMPKIN SPICE CAKE:    Pumpkin Cake with pumpkin spiced cream cheese frosting. (SEASONAL)

CREME DE MENTHE CAKE:   Chocolate Cake with a mint flavored buttercream  icing and creme de menthe  flavoringdrizzled on top.  (SEASONAL)

RED VELVET CAKE:   This ruby red cake has a delicious flavor all its own.  iced with cream cheese frosting, it's too tempting! 


Parent's 50th Anniversary ... add an old photo from their wedding day!

Teen Birthday, Quinceanera, Sweet 16 for your teen - add some zebra stripes around  the cake!

Your child's  birthday party.... add a favorite t.v. character, sports teams, scouts emblem and many more!

Come in to look at our book for many licensed images, or bring in a photo of your own.  (Please be aware that we CANNOT infringe on any copyrighted materials, napkins, invitations etc., )

Call or come in for pricing.  ALL Edible Image cakes must be PREPAID and are Nonrefundable.



We offer regular and miniature pastries. We usually recommend that you pre-order any miniature pastries.Availabilty of pastries changes daily and we offer a wider selection on the weekends and holidays. 

PASTRIES:  Eclairs, Sfogliatelli, Napoleans, Chocolate Truffles, Cannoli, and Chocolate Dipped Cannoli. 

PLEASE NOTE:  To ensure a fresh, crunchy cannoli shell, we fill our Cannoli -FRESH- while you wait (with Italian Cream or Ricotta). 

Miniature Pastries: Cannoli, Cream or Cheese Puffs, Eclairs, Rum Baba, Praline Tarts, Chocolate or Raspberry Mousse Cups, Chocolate Napoleans, Chocolate Truffles, Fresh Fruit Tarts, Ciarduni (a specialty we are known for), Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, French Horns, Sfogliatelle, Cartucci, Lobster Tails, and Chocolate Covered Cannoli.



We sell Lemon Ice, Gelati, and Spumoni in 1 Qt. containers.  On occasion we do offer single serve containers as well.  We use the freshest ingredients. 

Lemon Ice:  Our Lemon Ice is made with REAL lemons.

Gelati: Vanilla gelato & nuts mixed together and a layer of chocolate gelato.

Spumoni: a layer of chocolate  gelato, cherry whip, and vanilla gelato.






Look in the "ABOUT US" section, "Photo Gallery"

  for additional images of many of our products! 

ALL prices subject to change.






100 Year Anniversary 


Mondays and Tuesdays 

Nov 3,4,10,11,17, & 18th only

up to one dozen regular size cannoli for ONLY $1 each

Must be filled for purchase and take home that day.








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